Qatar Soccer World Cup and customer demands

How to use Meerkat Cx so as not to collapse at times of high demand

We are less than a month away from the start of the most important sporting event in the world, the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup. And as it usually happens, during these dates almost everything revolves around this event.  In fact, fans and not so fans are watching as never before,  not only TV broadcasts but also what happens on social networks and other communication platforms through streaming, demanding as never before from service providers.

The event, then, can become a nightmare for those companies that have not anticipated and prepared their equipment for this contingency.

So, what should ISPs do to keep up with the demands of their customers? Here are some recommendations for this special time, based on the experience and solutions offered by our Meerkat Cx solution.

1) Reach customers through different channels. In the event of a service outage, being able to serve them through the channel of their choice is the best way to provide excellent service and build customer loyalty in a single action. And in times of high demand (such as a soccer World Cup), this is crucial. How to do it? Through Meerkat Cx, our tool that works with omnichannel in real time.

2) Organize agent schedules for peak service hours. Meerkat Cx facilitates the organization of the team in an efficient way by providing precise metrics on the critical service hours. In this way, employees will be present at the time when there is the greatest flow of contacts. 

3) Use subscriber feedback to improve the areas of service that need it most. Although it is clear that we always have to evolve towards a better quality of service, it is often not clear where to direct our efforts. Meerkat Cx offers to know the users' opinion in order to identify which are the items that affect them the most and therefore correct or reinforce the weak points of the organization.   

If you want to know more about Meerkat Cx, do not hesitate to contact us.