Why a highly specialized customer service team is needed

Customers are increasingly demanding not only quality service, but also efficient pre- and post-sales service.

We have mentioned in several previous posts the importance of good customer service, not only in terms of contracting a service, but also in order to achieve customer fidelity.

In addition to the quality of the service or product offered, consumers are increasingly demanding fast and effective assistance for any problem they may experience. And that is where a specialized technical support team is vital, with qualified collaborators who provide customized solutions for each demand, who give detailed information about the product or service contracted and its maintenance, offer seamless technical support and improve pre and post-sales service.

The numbers speak for themselves: several reports and surveys agree that about 45% of customer service representatives are unable to efficiently resolve user problems due to difficulties with systems, interfaces and/or applications. Therefore companies need to take this aspect seriously by training their employees not only in technical aspects but also in cordiality, friendliness and warmth. Because, in the end, they are the visible faces of the company to the people.

In this regard, there are tools that help to streamline services to provide better attention to the most critical cases.   And Meerkat Cx is the perfect solution, since it is not only omnichannel (it processes phone calls, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Webchat and Telegram) but also generates a single ticket per customer and per claim, (ticket system) which centralizes and unifies the demand, facilitating the work of the call takers, since only in the most complicated or critical cases is when they intervene. In addition, it includes the assistance of a technical support team trained and dedicated exclusively to handle this type of issues, which works with an extended schedule in an agile and personalized way.

If you want to know more about Meerkat Cx, we will be very glad to coordinate  an interview with you at your request.