How to guarantee the best Customer Experience

The advance of time brings a series of changes. It is forecast that for this year, customers will prioritize service quality over price and product. This is what will make them loyal to a brand.

To provide a great experience, attract and retain customers, there are 5 fundamental characteristics you should know.

  1. Service agility

One of the tools to achieve agility of response is automation through omnichannel chatbots. Customers are willing to address issues through self-service, plus there would be little room for error in communication, low cost to maintain, easy to implement, and intuitive interface.

Another tool is the ticket system, which streamlines the follow-up of each case. They establish priorities through the classification and order of urgency and optimize the work of the agents and the communication between them.

2. Empathy

This means understanding the customer’s needs, whether it’s responding quickly and efficiently or getting expert help on the most complex issues. As a natural consequence, he will feel more secure and you will gain his loyalty. In addition, it will help you anticipate possible problems since their needs speak about the quality of your product or service.

3. Humanized service

Although the self-management service is very practical and agile, it is important to complement with the human part so that the experience is of high quality. Customers expect speed as well as human warmth.

The ticket system was born around this need. It allows the agent to detect when to intervene in the conversation: either during or after. In addition, there is the possibility of directing a call instantly for selected cases as per customer categorization.

4. Personalized experience

To achieve this, you need to store your customer data. Expectations hover around this, with a number of priorities. The first is to be able to contact you through your preferred channel. The second is to obtain priority of service according to your status or type of account. Finally, receive recommendations based on your search or purchase history.

The way to reach this data can be through the registration of your history in the service platform or through lead magnets such as webinars, infographics, guides and ebooks. In this way, it is possible to analyze how your client behaves, through which channels they prefer to communicate and record whether or not they are adept at the offers.

5. Anticipation of problems and conversion into opportunities

It is important to have a good understanding of processes and products to deal with the unexpected. Through opinion surveys, data is obtained on how your customers evaluate you, and in this way uncomfortable situations can be turned into opportunities for improvement.

Suricata Cx registers 100% of the contacts 24/7 even in peak hours, in and outside of working hours, through categorized tickets. Regular incidents, mass outages, scheduled and self-management tasks are automated. It offers 5 simultaneous service channels: telephone, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat and Telegram. They are all centralized on a single platform. Also, the solution is Cloud, which makes it suitable for working remotely.

The future is uncertain, but it will surely be DIGITAL.