The Internet and its unstoppable advance in our lives

There is no longer any doubt that this is an essential and necessary service.

As we have already mentioned, the advance of telecommunications has brought about a true revolution in terms of connectivity and communication. And as we also mentioned some time ago, the Covid-19 pandemic generated many changes in habits related to consumption, work, studies and even interpersonal relationships; hence concepts such as e-commerce, home office and others have become customary in our lives.

If we go a little deeper, we see that the Internet is always the main character behind everything. Hence, this tool has shown remarkable growth in recent years. A report by We Are Social and the Hoot-suite company points out that "although it was expected that after the mandatory confinements generated by Covid, the number of Internet and social network users would enter a plateau", the reality indicates that both in 2021 and 2022 "continued to grow at a faster rate than before the pandemic, with an increase of 4% in 2021 to reach more than 4.95 billion people connected in the world by the end of that year, or 62.5% of the world's population". Furthermore, the same paper estimates that 2022 will end with 66% of the world's population having access to some kind of connection. 

And some more data: North America and Europe are the only regions with a penetration rate of around 90 percent among their population, while Argentina ranks 67th globally.

And as Internet penetration is taking place in all areas, there is no longer any doubt that the network of networks has become an essential service of prime necessity, since a large part of our lives is related to it. And one last detail to confirm this statement: according to estimates in the same report, each human being spends more than 7 hours a day connected to or consuming the Internet. 

For all these reasons, it is essential for providers to offer not only a high quality connection but also a customer service that can keep up with the ever-increasing and more demanding requirements. And in this sense, Meerkat Cx is the ideal solution, because it allows to provide a 24/7 Omnichannel service, while saving costs.

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