How to find out how effective your customer service is

Meerkat Cx allows discriminating critical points and monitoring in real time 

When it comes to customer service, there are several points to take into account, since not everything depends on the cordiality and efficiency of the bot or customer service agent, but also on the tools available to manage and analyze queries and claims related to the service itself.

In this sense, Meerkat Cx is a solution specifically designed to improve customer service. In addition to being omnichannel and a 7 x 24 service, it has Dashboards that allow obtaining very precise metrics on who is contacting and why or what for, which in turn allows analyzing the demands of each contact and thus establish whether it is a structural problem of the service, an administrative issue, isolated problems, general problems and so on. 

It also informs us about the channels used by customers to contact us (phone call, WhatsApp, facebook messenger, etc.), number of tickets created, etc. With respect to our agents, it allows us to know how many tickets each one of them processes, which department has the highest number of queries, how many queries were solved, how many are still open, what are the times when there is the highest demand for attention, etc. 

Meerkat CX allows to have a very exhaustive and real-time overview of the service and to accurately monitor both its quality and the critical moments of each area. No less important is that it is possible to access information on hourly peaks in demand. 

In summary: Meerkat Cx offers a lot of useful and valuable information for decision making regarding the service, its operation and toward the customer.

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