Main conclusions of the CAPPI national meeting.

Meerkat was present at the largest event of small Internet providers in the country. 

Once again, Meerkat was present at the National Meeting of Small Internet Providers, organized by the Argentine Chamber of Small Internet Providers (CAPPI) at the Palacio San Miguel, in the city of Buenos Aires.

The event brought together more than a hundred executives and managers of ISPs from all over the country, and during the two days different topics related to the industry were discussed. Among the broad agenda of activities and conferences, one of the lectures was given by the president of CAPPI, Rodolfo Bianchi, and the CEO of Meerkat, Federico Weidemann, who highlighted the joint effort they are making to create the Connectivity Needs Map of Argentina, an initiative that through a Bot will provide accurate data on the connectivity needs of each province and, thus, accurately reflect the reality of Internet access in the country. They emphasized that having updated information makes it possible to know at a glance where there is no Internet service or ISP and thus think about future business development and, last but not least, the users who need connection throughout the country.

Another of the most outstanding presentations was given by the distinguished economist Diana Mondino, who detailed the pros and cons of the Argentine economy and the impact of this situation on ISPs. Among the problems, she listed the lack of inputs due to the obstacles to imports and the multiple exchange rates of the dollar, which prevent the replacement of foreign currency in order to continue operating. On the other hand, she highlighted and distinguished the importance of the role of ISPs in providing connectivity where there is none and in serving those areas of the interior with less access to technology. As a reflection, she expressed that until the situation of the country becomes clearer "you must be very cautious and put all our efforts to provide good service before incurring in innovations".

We would like to thank both CAPPI and all the  participating companies and visitors for the good welcoming and the excellent atmosphere of camaraderie that was generated during the event.

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