See you at the CAPPI annual meeting!

Next Wednesday and Thursday we will be waiting for you at Palacio San Miguel to present  Meerkat Cx. 

Next Wednesday and Thursday we will participate in the National Meeting of Small Internet Providers, organized by the Argentine Chamber of Small Internet Providers (CAPPI) at the Palacio San Miguel, in the City of Buenos Aires.

The annual meeting brings together all the players in the Internet and communications market in the country and creates a framework in which ISPs can meet with their peers and with suppliers of materials, products and tools, broadband service wholesalers, management systems, etc., to generate business and seek opportunities.

This time there will be over fifty exhibitors and with Meerkat we will be present again with our booth to show the operation of the Meerkat Cx solution and the multiple advantages it offers for customer service and business improvement to ISPs.

During both days, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, various lectures and presentations will be given on topics ranging from technical and technological issues to the problems currently facing the sector at the business level, regulations and others.

Thus, participants obtain important information to strengthen their businesses and CAPPI members can participate in a third day of networking and camaraderie to strengthen ties between colleagues.

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