A solution to know the connection status in Argentina

CAPPI and Meerkat have joined forces to develop a real-time survey bot 

Given the lack of reliable information on the connectivity needs of each province, the Argentine Chamber of Small Internet Providers (CAPPI in Spanish) partnered with Meerkat to launch a tool that allows them to survey the demands of each customer in every corner of Argentina. 

The survey is carried out through a bot based on our Meerkat Cx solution, by which all people can indicate what type of connection they have or need for home, office or work, in a simple and fast way, since it is a Whatsapp chat.

At the same time, with the data obtained, CAPPI is creating a Connectivity Needs Map of Argentina, updated in real time, creating a database of those interested in subscribing to services. It also shares this information with its associates in order to look for alternatives that may satisfy these arising needs according to the availability in each area.

On the other hand, new business opportunities are opened up for member companies of CAPPI by enabling them to expand their reach to places that do not currently have this service.

CAPPI has been promoting and encouraging the development of this essential service for the population on a permanent  and continuous basis, which is why this initiative is highly valuable and necessary for the evolution of connectivity in the country.

The Whatsapp number of the bot is (+54) (911) 3220-1411 and is open to the entire community, so the widespread diffusion is appreciated.

If you want to find out more of Meerkat Cx, please don’t hesitate to contact us.