Defined and registered processes, a great advantage

When it comes to organizing customer service, it is essential to have these two points in order to save time and resources 

When it comes to customer service, it is not enough just to have a solid team that responds effectively to users' demands. It is also necessary that the processes are well defined and that all contacts generated are recorded and documented.

These two aspects are crucial today, since they make it possible to achieve greater optimization of the operation and also to have a solid and reliable database, which is essential for analysis and statistics.

Meerkat Cx is the solution that allows you to perform both functions without resorting to other tools, since it works with a Ticketing System and all the information is automatically stored in the Cloud.

In this regard, our Ticketing System allows only one employee to deal with each request, which avoids having several people working simultaneously on the same issue. This is because, since only one ticket is created for each case and client -regardless of the number of times the client contacts us and the means used-, it avoids the multiplication of requests with the consequent efficiency of resources.

In addition, as Meerkat Cx is hosted and operates from the Cloud, all contacts and operations performed are automatically stored there in text form, so that reports can be generated and more specific follow-ups can be made, which means cost savings when downloading the data.

If you want to know more about Meerkat Cx, please feel free to contact us.