The importance of having data.

It allows not only to manage contacts but also to improve the quality of service.

In an increasingly digitized world, where today almost everything goes through devices or computers, having concrete and accurate data is becoming crucially important. In fact, in recent years there has been a boom in Big Data to the point that no one doubts that it will be the future for many industries.

But why does data matter? For three fundamental reasons:

First, because they allow access to different types of audiences that could not otherwise be reached through traditional channels.

Second, because it allows segmenting this audience according to their interests and tastes and offering them almost tailor-made proposals.

Third, because they allow for behavioral analysis to enhance the company's weaknesses and optimize its strengths.

In the specific case of service providers, having concrete data on their customers is a key factor. And this applies both to the product offering itself, as well as to providing answers to users' problems and demands, since this permits offering a better and more efficient service, which translates into creating a better brand image and customer loyalty.

For this reason, customer service departments must modernize not only through the incorporation of the most common tools (Bots, for example) but also through the creation of a highly specialized backup team that serves as the last line of containment.

And in that sense, Meerkat Cx is the best solution when it comes to data management, since it works through a ticket system that avoids the repetition and accumulation of queries (it establishes only one per customer regardless of the communication channels used) and, in addition, since all these data are stored in the Cloud (it creates a kind of history), it allows to analyze the weak and strong points of the company and to find opportunities for improvement.

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