Having a chatbot is important, but… Is it enough?

Customer service is becoming more and more dynamic and therefore requires complementary tools. 

Having a Chatbot as a customer service channel is no longer a novelty. In fact, today almost all companies have these systems and they are no longer strange to users. 

A Chatbot is a customer service software that, with or without the intervention of Artificial Intelligence, manages to maintain a "conversation" with the user using a natural language similar to that of a human being. 

It is an agile and simple mechanism and that is why companies integrate their Chatbots into websites and other communication platforms such as Webchat, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram.  

The Bot has several advantages. One of them is to offer the user a personalized, real-time experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Another is that it is one of the tools to achieve agility of response through automation. Another is that customers have already become accustomed to managing the resolution of their demands through self-service. And last but not least, there is little margin for error in communication, it has a low maintenance cost, implementation is simple and the interface is usually very intuitive.  

Even so, this tool alone is not enough to provide efficient customer service. While self-service is practical and agile, it is important to complement it with the human side for a high quality experience, as customers expect not only speed of service but also the warmth and friendliness of personalized treatment in cases of complicated resolution.

And that is where the Ticketing System comes in, which was born to alleviate that need by allowing the agent to detect when to intervene in the conversation (during or after), and also to instantly refer a call for selected cases through customer categorisation.  

The Ticketing System streamlines the follow-up of each case as well as prioritization through the classification and ordering of urgency and thus optimizes the work of the agents and the communication between them. 

Meerkat Cx is the tool that combines all these processes in a single solution, using the Cloud as a platform and adapting to the particular needs of your company. 

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