The advantages of 360º care

In a previous edition we talked about the great advantages of omni-channel over multi-channel. Today we want to look a little deeper into this point.

Omni-channel is a communication model used by companies to improve their customers' experience, allowing them to be in constant contact through multiple channels at the same time.

The great advantage of omni-channel is that it enables the customer to choose the most appropriate way to communicate with their supplier.

With this form of total customer service, claims can be resolved more quickly and efficiently (by generating tickets), a better quality of service is provided (the customer does not have a single means of communication) and a complete (360°) experience is offered. 

In addition, and fundamentally, operating costs are lowered and referrals and sales are increased due to customer satisfaction.

It is important to emphasize one thing: 


In this sense, Meerkat Cx offers the possibility of integrating phone calls, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Web Chat on a single platform to ensure the best and most effective customer service. This is because all channels are integrated under a common platform and every contact with the customer through any communication channel is automated and centralized. In this way, the 360-degree view of each customer and management is not lost, which is what happens when channels are used independently.

A clear example: if a customer contacts two different Whatsapp numbers and then calls and communicates with an employee about the same problem, the company has 3 employees with the same issue.

Without a doubt,  Meerkat Cx is the solution your company needs. If you want to know more, visit