Retaining customers is not a simple task. It demands attention and resources to meet their demands quickly and effectively, and thus achieve their loyalty.

This can be done without any inconvenience by means of a conventional service team when dealing with small volumes of claims or queries. But when the number of incoming contacts exceeds the team's capacity, customers begin to experience a discomfort that, in the short term, leads to an erosion of the image they have of the company.

In other words, the capacity to meet demand depends directly on the service channel. If there is a channel with a limited number of agents, they will be able to handle a certain number of users at a time; therefore, if more users are contacted than can be handled, an overflow is generated, forcing them to be sent to a waiting list with the consequent dissatisfaction that this produces.

A clear example is when there is a massive outage and dozens of subscribers contact each other simultaneously to complain about the service; when they find no response or their attention is delayed, all that is achieved is an increase in discomfort that leads to the evaluation of the need to change provider.

Suricata Cx is a tool that logs 100% of contacts 24/7 (including peak hours and after hours). Through the generation of categorized tickets, regular incidents, mass outages, scheduled and self-management tasks are automated. These can also be routed through five simultaneous service channels: telephone, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat and Telegram.

The great advantage of Suricata Cx is that all contacts are centralized on a single platform, plus being a Cloud solution makes it suitable for remote work.

So if you want to build customer loyalty, omnichannel is definitely the solution. And at Suricata we are experts on the subject, let us help you!