Working from home and having a massive network failure under control, IS possible

The change in the work modality given the current context and the new resolution of social, mandatory and preventive isolation for customer service centers, puts ISPs at risk.

Among many of the problems generated, a large percentage of user calls are due to massive network failures. How to attend to these needs if, in addition to overcoming the agents, they work remotely, thus losing control of the situation?

Suricata Cx, was designed so that the ISP can handle these changes and offers a solution to this problem among others. Faced with a massive and consequent contactability of multiple users simultaneously, our platform is in charge of attending and registering ALL cases.

The Suricata Cx platform allows synchronization with the updated ISP database, and recognition of the client’s status. Given a massive outbreak of complaints, the platform answers by reporting such status and the ongoing solution, providing clarity and greater peace of mind. In turn, a categorized ticket will be registered on an online platform, achieving adequate control.

It is important not only to serve all users and have a more effective control, but also to have time to prioritize major issues in these times of change. The future is uncertain in many aspects, but it will surely be DITIGAL.