There is no omnichannel experience without centralization

Omnichannel, a communication model provided by companies that allows their customers to contact them through multiple channels of their choice, is the new paradigm and as we well know, it has its outstanding virtues. But it also has its other side: the typical and repetitive case where the client is contacted by several channels at the same time to speed up the response. If the input channels (Voice, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Webchat, Telegram) operate independently, the 360 ​​vision of each client and of the management and the quality of the relationship is reduced.

Therefore, it is necessary to complement omnichannel experience with centralization. This is the integration of the channels in a single platform. Customer movements made through multiple channels are concentrated and can be viewed from one place. In this way, you avoid that more than one collaborator manages the reason for contact of the same client. In addition, time and energy are saved and an effective, high-quality service is provided.

How many contacts for the same case are open at the end of the day being resolved?

The Suricata Cx platform allows the ISP the possibility of providing integration with phone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Web Chat. All channels are integrated under a common platform. Each contact with the client via any communication channel is automated and centralized.

Suricata Cx self-manages:

-Massive or scheduled network failures

-Charging (means of payment and payment notifications)


-Bill forwarding.

-Up selling and Cross selling.

-Data base update

The future is uncertain, but it will surely be DIGITAL.