Is your company up to the challenge of the new times?

The cultural changes that have taken place in the last two years have made it necessary to offer a high quality Customer Service

Although it may sound paradoxical, the appearance of the coronavirus at the end of 2019 and the consequent restrictions implemented - to a greater or lesser extent - by health authorities at the global level, had a positive side: they served to accelerate certain changes in the organizational culture of companies and ways of working that until then had been slow to take place. 

Home office, virtual meetings, flexible working hours, mobile office, task splitting, etc., are words that appeared suddenly and we had to get used to them quickly in order to adapt to this new reality. Today, however, they are part of our everyday speech. 

In this process, the role of Internet providers was (and still is) fundamental, as without them none of this would have been possible. 

Of course, this cultural change demands these companies to offer an excellent internet service that not only provides speed and bandwidth, but also a fast and efficient response to any inconvenience. And it is in this aspect that many companies fail, as they do not give Customer Service and user experience the value it really has. 

Delays in service, complaints that are never dealt with, arguments with staff or cancellation of service are some of the consequences of not having a solution that allows all complaints to be dealt with, every day, 24 hours a day and through various channels. 

Meerkat Cx is the tool that allows to solve all the demands received through the different channels and through a single platform hosted in the cloud and in a fast and efficient way.